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Dynamic Warm-up principles

The aim of the warm-up is to prepare the whole body for an intensive workout. Sport disciplines like football, ice hockey, basketball, martial arts, etc. are characterized by high-intensity, multi-dimensional moves with sudden changes of pace, with action speeding, slowing and often changing its direction. Therefore, the warm-up exercises also have to performed dynamically, so that they match the movements that appear in sport discipline. Moreover, effectiveness of a warm-up also depends on series of active rest phases, properly intertwined into the warm-up. Optimal warm-up time is 5 to 12 minutes.


  1. Begin with simple exercises and perform them at a slow or medium pace.
  2. Eliminate stretching exercises – the aim of the training is to cause concentric muscle work and to avoid muscle stretching.
  3. Progressive increase in difficulty and complexity of exercises.
  4. Gradual increase in warm-up’s intensity.
  5. As you proceed through the warm-up, introduce more complicated exercises in which spontaneous reactions in unstable, labile training conditions will play the key role.
  6. Put emphasis on performing all the exercises with enthusiasm and high motivation.