Resistance band training seminar in Linköping

There is unique vibe of calm strength, pride and certaininty in Linköping. HC Linköping. Lion on the club logo reflects it very well. Excellent hockey facility is the first thing I have registered. Then I have met people – trainers, coaches, managers, facility workers and others. The way they communicate with themselves and the others gives impression that they are driving the same bus which leads to understanding and urgent efficient action. This place is full of passion and energy. It is special. It is leading place in Europe and arguably one of the few in the World for young hockey players development. Every year they have young players who are listed on NHL Draft. It was a pleasure and honor to be there and present some exercises and methods for off-ice conditioning. I am taking my pride to be (probably) the first coach from Switzerland/Poland to teach Swedish hockey players.

This is exactly what brought me to this place – action with passion to hockey. Thanks to the HC Linköping coach Martin Dendis, on 11 of August 2017, I had an opportunity to present my hockey off-ice conditioning program to HC Linköping U15, U16 Teams and also Swedish Regional U16 Team. Started with circa 20 minutes theory presentation followeed by one hour circuit training, using exercises with resitance bands.

This new technology equipment has still a lot of potential to explore and develop. Resistance bands – when you compare their applications to the functional weight training – can give a lot of advantages.

First of all – resistance grows progressively together with band extension, then – it can be appy in many various directions and finally – with resistance bands, you can apply force in a more specific fashion.

I have presented almost fifty exercises covering different aspects and training approches – for example – warm up exercises, core stability and rotational exercises, balance, speed, linked-joint strength, explosive power and hockey specific exercises. Resistance bands are not expensive, take a liitle of weight and space and they can be used for training purposes – almost everywhere. Just great training equipment.

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