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Review of ISPO 2018

ISPO fair is the biggest sport exhibition in Europe. Numbers speak for themselves – over 2700 exibitors and more than 86,000 visitors make this event great. My interest was HEALTH&FITNESS department – with sport and training equipment and gear. I have spent some time on HMS/Abisal boot which delivers functional training equipment to our training programs and brings goods to our selling offer. I was also walking through the whole exibition area to explore and interact with people and their products.

There are two new trends which became to be more advanced but also more presend and accesible to the public, however the nature of those product are both  – very specialised and sophisticated.

PERFORMANCE TEST EQUIPMENT – new technology became light, portable and small. You just stick a small sensor to your leg and wireless software will register your speed, acceleration, deceleration, direction changes, average speed, total number of distance. Sensors are provided together with software which you can download on your computer or even an App on your phone. It became more accesible to teams and individual users.

PERSONALIZED GEAR – new trend allows to scan your feet, to scan your body and make completely individual shoes or to get woven shirt. Highly advanced technology allowes to produce customized gear in 30 minutes.

Forward lunge – functional foundation of legs strength

The synchronous flexion of the knee joint and the hip joint and their consequent extension is the most effective exercise that develops lower limbs strength (especially of the quadriceps femoris muscle). In training terminology, this exercise is called a squat and all of its variants do improve leg strength.

In every sport lunge plays a key role, namely, the forward lunge. While the energy transfer in squats occurs vertically with a parallel distribution of forces (the body weight and potential additional weights) and the movement structure itself cannot be transposed onto activeness in fight, the lunge entails energy shifts in various directions (generally in the horizontal plane) and the physical loading of the lead leg.

Furthermore, the forward lunge has many variants and applications which depending on the aim of the training can act as strength, coordination, explosive, speed or flexibility exercises.

Main assets of lunge:

  1. Energy transfer in the horizontal plane, in all directions with possibility of adding hand actions and rotational motion of torso.
  2. Possibility of performing the exercise for both sides (left and right)
  3. Structural similarity to sport moves
  4. Possibility of progressive increase in the weights, intensity and difficulty by introducing exercises on unstable surfaces.